Precision Coachworks offers a 3-day training seminar where you will learn the art of alloy wheel repair and refinishing from our expert trainer, the owner of Precision Coachworks, Dean Keith.

    Dean is a 38-year veteran in the automobile reconditioning field and he will personally guide you each step of the way because our seminars are limited to no more than 3 trainees at a time. This ensures that each trainee gets the attention they deserve.

    After our 3-day seminar, you will be ready to repair alloy wheels just like the ones in our before-and-after photos.

    Day 1:
    • Aluminum Theory
    • Hands-on aluminum repair
    • Proper filler techniques
    Day 2:
    • Proper use of primers
    • Hands-on aluminum repair
    • Hands-on aluminum refinishing
    Day 3:
    • Refinishing techniques
    • Refinishing hyper silvers with HyperSilver Extreme

    Precision Coachworks has had state-of-the-art service vehicles in the field since 1976. This in-the-field experience has helped us to develop the best product line available.

  • Precision Coachworks has developed one of the best wheel repair kits in the industry. These kits are built in-house and include all the tools and consumable products you will need to perform expert repairs.
  • This kit contains no unnecessary equipment.
  • All refinishing materials are developed and produced by Precision Coachworks. These materials get the best adhesion, best heat resistance, finest gloss and maximum durability possible.
    (Air compressor, air lines and power cords are necessary to operate tools provided in the kit.)
  • Consumables can be re-ordered through Precision Coachworks.
    Seminar Package                                        $4895 (FREE shipping)
    Includes: Seminar, Kit (free shipping - $120 value),                                          Call (805) 583-0308 to Schedule Seminar
    3 Lunches


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